Three ways to find the Geulah

God has revealed that the road to Geulah was divided into three lanes, symbolically designated as hunger, pestilence and the sword.

1. Hunger: This is the only true way, it is the hunger to know God and to do his will. A hunger that nothing else than the divine truth can fill. This is the path of the first-fruits of Geulah.

2. Sword: To lead the children onto the right track, that of hunger, God is often forced to use the sword. The sword of the Lord shall how to target the human heart is an illusory confidence, his affection or his hopes. These objects become idols and an obstacle to the proper relationship to God. The main idols revolve around the family, couple, home, the living, occupation, health, or a thousand other things that man believes, wrongly, as vital to him. When God sees a person meets the provisions of his heart for entering the path of Geulah, the way of hunger, but it cannot achieve because his heart is attached to its
idols, then God will touch these idols with his sword. The only goal is to bring the person to reconsider his path, to ask the right questions and, ultimately, to turn to God. According to the people, the number and intensity of the sword vary, some soon realize the meaning of their tests, then others are waiting to be overpowered by them to invoke divine help.

The sword of the Lord does not only affect the personal idols, but also addresses the national idols or group in all their fields (religion, military, politics, education, business, etc..)
The failures of the IDF in the Second Lebanon War, by example, are regarded as a divine sword intended invite the people to turn to one who gives strength, God, and not towards him who is the receiver, here IDF .

3. Plague: The path of the plague is the most complex, because those who practice unaware of their error. They often think, however, walking in a right way, acceptable to God. The word plague in Hebrew, is the same word as the word “davar”, which is the word, namely the word of God. The path of the plague (Devereux) has aspects similar to the way of the divine word (davar) but it is not so. Sometimes it is just the opposite. The
channel of the plague includes all sorts of false doctrines or Mixed doctrines that affect more or less serious to those who are attach. The list of pests would be too long to establish and inevitably incomplete. Being set up every day with new, but there are others as old as the hills. It is very formal and well established, like religions, and others rejected the society, such as sects.

Paths to plague interested in all areas, the body, the soul, society, nature, food, health, knowledge, ways of reaching God, truth or holiness.
It is low hazard, as some doctrines dietary and other more deadly than death, because it threatens the person in its deepest spiritual dimension, such as black magic or kabbalah practice. Between these two extremes, and to varying degrees, are religions, Judaism included. What characterizes the way of the plague and distinguishes it from simple assaults human is in the path of the plague is still a dimension “Spiritual.” To the extent that this dimension is truly spiritual, it is nevertheless not that of God or never entirely God’s. In a word, any way that any way, has a spiritual dimension or a reference
God, but not the direct, personal and intimate with He is plague.

The path of the plague is not really a way to enter Geulah in the divine, but a stalemate in which people sincere quest for truth astray. Eventually, after enduring the evils of their way wrong and have recognized such, these sincere people can be led to ask the right questions to find the right path. The fight against the way the plague is more urgent than Parallel development of swarm of thousands of Geulah false doctrines, which often operate a real hunger to which they offer a food adulterated:

Here, days are coming, says the Lord God, I will send a famine in the country: it will not hunger for bread nor thirst for water, but need to hear the words of the Lord. So we will be wandering from one sea to another and from North to East, we spread everywhere to seek the word of the Lord, and we do find item. (Amos 8, 11-12)

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Neither the right nor the left Neither the religious nor the secular, Only God can!
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