Achievement of personal Geulah

The Geulah Israel began around the beginning of the calendar year 1998. It does not reach all the people together, but first a small flock of pioneers that God works to form. These pioneers have been named first-fruits, as they perform before their other Geulah personal (see: The personal Geulah). The advance of Geulah Israel today, depends on the progress of these first-fruits.

One of the objectives of the site is to help those who feel the call to find their way to their personal Geulah and accomplish. A team is available to persons who shall desire to respond, to the extent possible, to their questions (see: Contact Us).

The achievement of personal Geulah

The process of fulfilling the Geulah personal and dedication to be the first-fruits of Geulah Israel is divided into four phases:

1. Discerning God’s call.
2. The choice of the caller.
3. The test of the caller.
4. The consecration of the first-fruits.

1) The discernment of God’s call

Which can become first-fruits of Geulah Israel ? Anyone who hears in her heart the call from God and sighs with her whole being.

2) The choice of the called

God does not force the hand of anyone, but expects that called itself seriously considering the invitation made to him badge, it responds positively. The answer of the called party must originate from deep within himself and does not emanate from a single superficial enthusiasm.

Whoever wants to follow God must want with all your heart and with all his soul and with all his power. Nothing and no one should be more important than God in his life. It should be driven only by the hunger for God and the only thirst for the progress of his plan (see: Hunger, the sword, plague )

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? And I answered: That’s me! send me. (Isaiah 6, 8 )

3)  The test of the caller.

The willingness of the called party, such as gold purified in the crucible, will inevitably put to the test. The purpose of the event is to highlight the affections and desires the most expensive in the heart of the so called them to balance with the call of God.

The first fruiting potential may have to accept loneliness, misunderstanding, rupture of the frames of life and preconceived ideas and, if necessary, to proceed against others, against logic and human logic room.

At each event, the call will be reformulated by God, that the applicant confirms that there is no impediment to his consecration. If his intention is genuine, the callee is ready to sacrifice everything to God to discover the only true wealth is His presence.

The first-fruits are those who win the fight of faith by believing in God before seeing his miracles and before receiving his gifts. They believe that God loves them more than they love each other, he loves Israel more than they love him, he loves humanity more than men can ever love.

The first-fruits are driven by humility, submission to God and keenly aware of their own incapacity.

The first-fruits of Geulah of Israel, they can rejoice in the blessings given by God to his people, are tied exclusively to Geulah eternal, true Geulah just know that they died or where God will change this world (see: The Eternal Geulah).

4) The consecration of the first-fruit

Over and through victories on the tests, called the built and developed his faith. If he perseveres until the end of his ordeal, is engendered in him a new heart promised by God that is the hallmark of personal Geulah and the seeds of its true nature in the image of God (see: The blessings of the Geulah). The called party becomes the first-fruits of Geulah Israel.

In the emerging new nature in him, the first-fruit found union with his Creator. He can experience the world from that eruption of the divine life in his heart and share with people entrusted and, correspondingly, its new spirit into the divine world (see: The personal Geulah).

This new nature, exclusively, the first-fruit is able to serve God in the measure of his holiness and can begin working towards the development of Geulah Israel.

The first-fruit research with perseverance and diligence of God’s will for his life and that He gives strength to accomplish its mission. When he announced the Geulah, the first-fruit does not merely transmit proper explanations, but it leaves the sky glimpsed in him and thus makes a living testimony.

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