Eternal Geulah

The Eternal Geulah is the revelation of Gods perfect world, and which already exists in His divine dimension. In the end of time, after the last trial, it will replace our present imperfect world. Only those who love God and his goodness will be warmly welcomed, in accordance to where they were with Him.

The world of Eternal Geulah is a reflection of divine harmony, the creation living in perfection with the Creator. Numerous names have been used to describe this world:

Kingdom of God, Garden of Eden, Paradise, Kingdom of Heaven, or simply The Sabbath.

In describing the world of Eternal Geulah, we do not have the language which allows us to describe even a poor outline of it. It is a world of peace and happiness ineffable {indescribable} in which neither death nor tears, nor suffering, nor disease, nor any form of evil exists (Isaiah 25, 8).

The Lord is the sun and light (Isaiah 60, 18-20); time is eternity. The world of Eternal Geulah is also a place of nature. Garden of Eden, filled with an exuberance of trees, beautiful to see and to eat, with the tree of life in the middle (Genesis 2, 9). Our world, with its abundance of species, gives an image distorted of this reality. However, plants in God’s world are of a different quality, the leaves do not wilt and fruit can never fail (Ezekiel 47, 12). Heavens nature is being watered by a river of Gods living water gushing from His house (Joel 4, 18). The world of Eternal Geulah from a different angle is the temple and the palace in the center of which the throne of God, high and majestic sits (Isaiah 6, 1).

It overlooks a crystal firmament, the appearance of sapphire (Ezekiel 1, 26, 22). The divine parts of the garment, white as snow (Daniel 7, 9), brighter than the sun, but never irritating, filling the temple, i.e. the kingdom created.

Materials common in the world of Eternal Geulah: ruby, topaz, beryl, onyx, jasper, sapphire, turquoise, emerald and gold (Ezekiel 28, 13) which are turned by the divine fire, are rare and precious in our world.

The materials are there, but not substance like our material world but finer like the wind. It is as a brilliant sapphire and clear as the substance of heaven (Exodus 24, 10). A substance to the appearance of the rainbow, reflecting the image of the glory of the Lord (Ezekiel 1,28), which does not prevent the created beings nor light to pass.

Jerusalem, completely heavenly, is also the throne and the center of the divine world. It is comprised of stucco, built on sapphire, the slots of pure crystal, at the gates of red garnet and the borders of precious stones (Isaiah 54, 11-12). All hostility will disappear from nature, nothing bad will be present itself there, harmony and only harmony prevail at all levels:

And the wolf will dwell with the lambs, and the leopard will lie down with the kid. And the calf, and the young lion and the fatling with live together, and a young child will be their guide. Cows and bears will eat together. Their young will lie down together. Lions will eat straw like oxen. And the suckling will play near the hole of the cobra, and the newly weaned child will be able to reach out to the vipers’ nest. No more mischief, no more violence on all My holy mountain, because the earth has been filled with the knowledge of God as water covers the sea. (Isaiah 11, 6-9)

Life in the world of Eternal Geulah is made that game of love and joy, full of sweetness, warmth and emotion. No trace of jealousy, competition or hatred.

Everyone loves his brother like himself, because they are another aspect of himself. The celestial events are just songs and praise where everyone is part of the chorus and participates in all.

The most beautiful sounds are heard, the most aromatic tastes are sensated. The colors and the most beautiful, the most delectable flavors, sensations from the most exquisite things and beings the most beautiful and most graceful that one can ever imagine on earth.

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Neither the right nor the left Neither the religious nor the secular, Only God can!
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