First fruit of Geulah

By revealing that Geulah of Israel began (beginning of the calendar year 1998), God revealed that it will not spread all the people at the same time. The aim of God is to first prepare a small herd of other pioneers before responding to his call. These pioneers have been named first-fruits and are expected to be columns of Geulah of Israel. In this phase we find ourselves today. The publication of these first-fruits of the tree in Israel is one of the most tangible evidence of the beginning of Geulah the harbinger that the celestial rain will be poured abundantly on all the people. Geulah The advance is thus linked to the progress of first-fruits. The difficulties experienced by Israel today are the birth pangs of Geulah, namely the birth of his first-fruits. Over the Geulah progressing within the people-through to his first-fruits of all evil and corruption hidden exteriorized, particularly in structures of the country. When God will judge that the entire flock of first-fruits , then the Geulah be extended to all Israel, in a way that only he knows when it came to Israel, first-fruits in mind, to accomplish its mission of light to the nations and their first-born and their announce Geulah, also in the midst of the judgments they pass through (see: The Nation ).

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Neither the right nor the left Neither the religious nor the secular, Only God can!
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