Peace and security

In the promise of Geulah are included after which our people Sighing as: peace and security. No peace and artificial Oslo misleading and not security fragile and expensive that the IDF strives to offer us. God promises us security and peace true that He alone is able to provide. Instead of peace process, God is preparing a covenant of peace. This will be that our adversaries accept or oppose any of the strength of their hostility. God will protect, ensure justice and manifest trial:

Though the mountains, the hills tremble, my love for you will not falter, nor my covenant of peace be shaken, “said one who loves you, Lord! (…) Will be great peace of your children. You will be strengthened by the justice banned any idea of oppression, because you have nothing to fear, terror, for you will be guaranteed against her. What if we put against you, this would be without my consent; anyone against you will succumb on your soil. (Isaiah 54, 10, 13-15)

Fear nothing, O my servant Jacob, said the Lord, do not be not alarmed, O Israel! because you will help me get out of remote and your descendants to their country of exile, Jacob will return and he will enjoy peace and security that no afraid. (Jeremiah 30, 10)

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Neither the right nor the left Neither the religious nor the secular, Only God can!
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