The origin of Geulah

If there is Geulah this means that prior to it there was its opposite. God acts to replenish what was lost.

The Eternal Geulah exists because Adam and Eve sinned thus leading mankind into its downfall.

The Personal Geulah is the direct result of the corruption in man’s nature.

The Geulah of Israel is because Israel instead of being instrumental of redemption, fell by transgressing the Sinai covenant, and for that fault, was exiled.

The divine plan to bring about the Eternal Geulah is an ongoing struggle from the beginning of time and in each and every part of creation on all levels. In this plan, Israel plays a central role.

The coming of the eternal Geulah is conditional on the completion of the Geulah of Israel.

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Neither the right nor the left Neither the religious nor the secular, Only God can!
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