Return from exile and the country’s development

The Jewish return from exile and the return of the land between your authority their hands creates two immediate benefits: The development population and rebuilding the country, namely the revival of its vegetation and wildlife, the flowering of cities and of residential areas – mostly built on their site old. The land of Israel remained in darkness until the people Israel stayed away from her and she never came back to life when she found him and the people began to flourish only when it relocated.

Zionism, a movement characterized as “secular” actually performs the biblical promises. What has been achieved is prodigious, prodigy, the Lord is doing in favor of her children in a very specific purpose, so they see and know, think and understand together that the hand the LORD has done, that is the Holy One of Israel who is the author (Isaiah 41, 20). Above all they expect with an unshakable faith that the biblical prophecies continue to completion until its end:

They will come and will sing songs on the heights of Zion, they
flock enjoy the goods of the LORD, wheat, wine and oil, products menu and cattle, their soul will be similar to a watered garden and they are now free of worries. (Jeremiah 31, 12 [11])

I’ll get [the sheep of Israel] from the nations, I
gather the [different] countries and bring them back on their ground, I will feed upon the mountains of Israel, the ravines and in all communities living in the country. (Ezekiel 34 13)

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Neither the right nor the left Neither the religious nor the secular, Only God can!
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