What is Geulah?

Geulah means redemption, freedom, delivery, but also revival. The renewal of the revelation of God in our world and his intervention to bring to its redemption is Geulah.
The proclamation “The Geulah has begun” refers to the Geulah of Israel, to which this site is mainly dedicated. Therefore the Jewish people and especially the Israelis will be the first to benefit from this site. However, the Geulah of Israel and its results will reach the entire world including all mankind, the non-Jew is encouraged to learn from this site: As the father of Israel, Abraham was blessed by God  “… Through you every family on earth will be blessed.” (Genesis 12,3) (see: The Nations). The Geulah of Israel is partial being that there are 3 levels closely interrelated in the following pages:

1. The Eternal Geulah
2. The Personal Geulah
3. The Geulah of Israel

The Geulah of Israel is a necessity part in the divine plan, being one part, but not a goal in itself. The abundant blessings occurring at the Geulah of Israel will act as a example for the world to sample the blessings of the Eternal Geulah. But only in image and not in actual reality. The primary purpose of the the Geulah of Israel is to prepare the world for the Eternal Geulah. Only the Eternal Geulah is essential, because it is the supreme and ultimate goal of God. The blessings granted by God to Israel is not to give them power and pleasure, but to give them the tools needed to help the world receive its Eternal Geulah. Some blessings of the Geulah of Israel are temporary and partial, like the revival of vegetation and life around us. Others are eternal and perfect as the resurrection of the heart, the image of God lost through the fault of Adam and Eve. These blessings characterize the Personal Geulah. Advancement of the Geulah of Israel and the Eternal Geulah are results of the undertaking of the personal Geulah. Accomplishment of fulfillment of the personal Geulah is the goal of all mankind in this world.


We recommend reading these pages in order. The Geulah is presented in a logical way in different aspects which constitute it, its history since the beginning of the world until today, and the prophecies which link us to the process of its development.

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Neither the right nor the left Neither the religious nor the secular, Only God can!
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