The site and its authors

This site is attached to no movement or grouping, it is not the frontage of any party or organization.

The only organization whose the authors claim themselves to be members of, is the State of Israel. The only organization that they are member of is the Jewish people. Their request is that God achieves as fast as possible the beneficial changes promised in his project of Geulah on the State and the people of Israel.

The authors of the site are defined neither as religious nor secular. Their slogan is:

Neither the right nor the left
Neither the religious nor the secular,

Only God can!

Except for God there are no other teachers only HIM, and we are HIS students, no other intermediaries, for we are all HIS children.

There is only one true way for us to connect to HIM that is directly and personally.

Until God renews his Geulah with us, all is in exile (galut) and the salvation cannot be brought about. No real solution can be found in religion, nor secularism, nor politics, but only with God.

The promise of Geulah of Israel is intended for every Jew (for the not-Jews, see: Nations), whether the connection to what a person belongs to is right or wrong at the present time. It is imperative to leave internal quarrels which divide us, they are only remainders of the exile and our human imperfections! It is required of us to look ahead with faith and with assurance that God will achieve the unity of his people.

Each Jew is intended to be a living stone in the spiritual temple that God is building and will reside in. When this happens, at the proper time, the construction of the external temple will be completed.

Geulah of Israel has really been started and will continue until its glorious peak

… I am the Lord, when the time shall come, I will hasten these promises. (Isaiah 60,22)

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