Blessings of Geulah

The blessings of the Geulah of Israel are divided into two levels, according to its two phases (see: the two phases of the Geulah of Israel). The physical phase are attached to the blessings physical, spiritual, phase of the spiritual; blessings the distinction is however not always resolved and both levels interpenetrate often. The physical blessings are temporary and partial and, as the Geulah of Israel, they to prepare the eternal Geulah which is the essential aim the God’s ultimate goal (see: what is the Geulah). The spiritual blessings are eternal and perfect and characterize the personal Geulah. It is the goal of every human on life This land and helps the eternal Geulah from this access world (see: the personal Geulah).

1. Physical blessings

2. Spiritual blessings

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